I'm Marta Vargas, a graphic designer from Barcelona currently living in Stockholm.
This is my Visual Diary, where I share pieces about my daily life and the things I love.
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Every weekend starts with the same feeling: the feeling of knowing that everything that is going to happen will be new. To end up in a terrible concert, to have a pancake night with friends at home, to turn around the corner and discover a new square, a new street, a new building, a new café, to have a coffee with someone that you just met but that you know, somehow, that is going to be part of a lot of new moments and discoverings in this special moment of your life... if everything stays the way it is: every weekend is a new experience.


  1. No te imaginas de qué manera alimentas estas ganas que tengo de que me llegue el momento de marcharme a algún país lleno de nieve y ciervos.

    1. Pues no sabes cuánto me alegro :-)
      También espero estar alimentando tus ganas de venir a visitarme...

  2. Parece que sea una terraza pero vais muy destapadas para estar fuera con la nieve, sino sería ideal. Nieve + noircualesquimal.