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I'm not able to finish a book lately and I'm a little bit worried about it. It's not that I find them boring or something like that... is just that I like the feeling of starting a new book and I can't avoid it. Last time I went to the library I told myself that I had to go out just with one book, but I arrived home with three... and guess what: I didn't have time to finish any of them.
So now I promised myself to finish books, and I started with Franny & Zooey by J.D. Salinger because I started reading it my first day in Gothenburg and it has a special meaning for me, eventhough I just read the first chapter. I'll write more about it and about that day soon.

everything i know - peter broderick


  1. oui, sou portuguesa :-)
    adoro adoro as fotos do teu blog, são amor!

  2. franny & zooey It's a special book for me too, enjoy!



    1. Por cierto! Acabo de caer en que habías puesto un tema de Peter Broderick, que maravilla!

  3. wowww pero si es franny y zooey uno de mis libros FAVORITISISISIMOS y de referencia...eres de las pocas personas que veo que lo conoce...disfrutalo mucho