I'm Marta Vargas, a graphic designer from Barcelona currently living in Stockholm.
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Usually, when I say that my dream is to live in Sweden again, people use to talk about the bad weather, the sad freezing winter days, the few hours of light... and I think that's because they haven't experienced the coziness of a Swedish home, the snow through a window full of candles, the fika while working, and all the good things that come along when cold is gone. And it doesn't really matter if the cat is lying on the table next to your breakfast, or the kid is bothering your guests with an imaginary sword, is all about enjoy your place, make it warm, cozy, and no worry too much about anything else... that's what really matters.


  1. no tienen mas remedio que tener esas casas tan increiblemente bonitas y acogedoras para soportar lo que hay fuera. una cosa por otra. estos suecos... son unos asquerosos! jajajaja!